About Us

DOLOMITI TRADING Srl. is specialized in the field of import and export activities and rendering certain relevant services, and provision of products, machineries, equipments, materials, tools and spare parts specifically in line with agriculture, metal, and petrochemical industries. Our original company was established in Russia in 1985, thereafter expanded in few more countries. Over the years that the business continued, we decided to establish our head quarter in Italy. After primary establishment and ever since then it has been soaring greater heights in every endeavor.

DOLOMITI TRADING Srl. has always strived to achieve customer’s satisfaction by providing quality and innovation. Each member of Dolomiti Trading Srl. is highly qualified, well experienced, competent and full of professional integrity yet we attribute our success and zeal to keep moving forward to the entire Dolomiti Trading Srl. as the bit by bit contribution of every member and every process is equally important to make this success an everlasting story. Also, the valued customers of Dolomiti Trading Srl. are to be thanked first and foremost for all the soaring heights we’ve achieved.

Currently Dolomiti Trading Srl. is one of the well known companies with a large network and markets particularly Asia and Europe, having remarkable amount of customers, distributors, and dealers spread across the World. Year on year Dolomiti Trading Srl. has been making great and delivering results and have been strides in its aggressive growth journey by focusing on:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with the customers, distributors, and dealers as well as channel partners.

  • Exceeding customer expectations in quality, responsiveness and delivery.

  • Upholding a commitment to corporate citizenship by way of handholding farmers.

  • Building and retaining a diverse pool of talented employees.

  • An experienced management known as trendsetters with respect to the activities and services.

We make it possible for customers, distributors and dealers to be part of highly qualified business with an eye for human beings, animals, nature and environment.

DOLOMITI TRADING Srl. thanks its customers, distributors and dealers for their support and reliance; we’ll persist on inheriting the enterprise culture, cultivating scientific and technological talents, fulfilling social responsibility. All the staff of our company expects to accompany our contracting parties hand in hand, and cooperate on win-win basis.