Our Mission and Quality Policy Statement

DOLOMITI TRADING Srl. is of the firm belief to fulfill its obligations under any contracts and arrangements toward its clients, and is committed to produce the desired outcome in a cost effective, suitable planning, systematic solution oriented, and lawful manner. Furthermore, consideration of the risks, opportunities, professional assessment, true analysis, quality of performance of services with observation of economical points in line with the execution of the company’s duties and responsibilities has the highest priority.

This approach, secures two sided benefit of both customers and Dolomiti Trading Srl. through increasing client satisfaction leading to growth in existing markets and investment in new market areas. The vital importance of our commitment is supply of innovative quality products and services, which comply with the contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements and deliver a professional proactive, timely pre and post order service to our clients.

Our quality control system is not solely governed by the ISO standard. We also apply managing statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to our offered products/services which has significant role in performance of our responsibilities and obligations. Management is committed to continuously improve the programs and enhancement of internal and external communications, in which all staff members are required to participate. The efficiency and methodology of our leadership, management, functioning and business strategies are frequently under review and improvement.

Our policy is to ensure that all of our staff are professionally qualified and trained for the tasks and assignments that they are required to accomplish. Dolomiti Trading Srl. continually offers training programs and technical courses both locally and internationally to ensure it staffs are fully proficient in all aspects.

Moreover, the managers entirely accept all responsibilities regarding the effectiveness of the quality management system and commit to ensure that the international and acceptable standards of the services, products and goods in all aspects will be observed and controlled.